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"The WNY Medicare SmartStart Program is AWESOME! Lyndsey and Andrew educated me regarding all aspects of signing up for Medicare and choosing a Medicare Advantage plan that met my needs and my lifestyle.  They took the confusion and worry out of the process. I'm telling everyone I know about them, and several family members have already met with them. Don't hesitate! Schedule your session with Andrew when it's your turn to sign up for Medicare."

- Bob & Carol Mullins, Lakeview
"Our previous health insurance was always handled by one of our employers.  When age 65 was nearing we were inundated and overwhelmed with mail, phone calls and so-called advice. After our meeting with the (very pleasant) Hibbard's, we finally understood Medicare Part A and B and everything in between.  They are knowledgeable, went over all aspects of plan options and could answer all our questions (no matter how simple or complex).  Before our meeting we felt we had no idea where to start.  Leaving their office, we had a step-by-step plan in place and knew which company to choose that met each of our needs. We HIGHLY recommend."

- Dan & Mary Gemmer, Tonawanda
"Meeting with Andrew and Lyndsey was one of the best decision we have made. Super knowledgeable with Medicare. Everything was explained in a manner we could understand. He answered all our questions.  We highly recommend for anyone soon to be on Medicare. We are very happy we can also use his annual review program...so much easier than trying to figure all the fine print out ourselves. Added benefit is Andrew is a veteran. We are grateful to work with a hero. Thank you Andrew and Lyndsey."

- Ed & Darlene Clancey, Clarence

Discover A Completely Different Approach To Signing Up And Starting With Medicare In WNY

Without Ever Feeling Forced To Figure Out All The Fine Print On Your Own...

It's no secret that getting started and signed up for Medicare is stressful.  Just the thought of trying to tackle everything alone is  what frightens people and puts a serious "scare" into Medicare.


Because you’re inundated with so many marketing messages from what seems like more and more Medicare mail stuffed in your mailbox every day… and those persistent and pesky phone calls that never stop interrupting dinner… and the endless TV endorsements from washed up 70’s celebrities cycling over and over.

When it seems like the Medicare Marketing Machine makes the whole process so hard to understand, all while wasting a whole lot of time, which I know is important to you…this kind of thing is all too common and makes making a wise decision about who to go to for help more important than ever. 

I will make your entire move to Medicare process seamless, simple, and easy to understand – which means you don’t have to invest hours/days/weeks of your scarce free time, sitting at home, alone, in isolation, attempting to do everything with Medicare without help wondering if you are doing things right or risking messing things up and making costly mistakes.

And I want to take away any fears, frustrations, or stress you have trying to tackle Medicare all by yourself as you go through this process. That’s why I created this short, helpful Special Report, entitled:

"The 6 Smart Questions You Should Answer Before Starting Medicare That Most WNY'ers Never Seem To Ask"

Inside you will discover exactly what questions to ask so you can make an informed decision about how to get started with Medicare the right way, what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how to sort through the sea of insurance companies...this way you don’t feel forced to figure out all the fine print on your own.

It’s been designed in a simple, easy to understand way --- free from the influence from out-of-state scams, any insurance companies conflict of interest, and especially no brokers who are biased, bribed or bonused based on sales quotas --- which means you can feel more confident you’ll know how to get a better bang for your buck and the most out of Medicare…which is what you want and deserve!

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